About Natasha

A miracle of life

I am a girl, a daughter, a wife, a mother… a person searching for herself and how to make a difference in this world. I love this world. I love living in this world. Some would think I am crazy, that I am blind to all the bad things happening on our planet. To that I would respond that it is not I who is blind, but they, for not seeing its beauty. Its population generally has good intentions. By opening our eyes and seeing beyond what we “see” every day, the miracles start appearing. By miracle I speak of the love a mother has for her child, of the tiny tree struggling to make its way in a dense forest, of the helping hand reaching out to an accident victim. Of course, a miracle can only be defined by its observer.

My journey to this moment has been no different than for another. I have loved, cried, hurt, been frightened and been loved. I have hurt others, albeit unintentionally, but no less hurtful. I made choices that defined my person. I have grown, through this life and many others. This is my last life on Earth. I wish to share what I have lived, learned, and appreciated.